Full & Partial Dentures

Dentures and partial dentures are necessary if you are missing teeth. All of our dentures are made with the greatest precision. Our lab partner is an American lab that has been making dentures and partials for over 40 years – none of our work is ever sent to overseas labs. Full (Complete) Dentures Full dentures […]

Dental Implants

Implants are the ideal way to replace missing teeth. The main part is a titanium “root” that is placed in the gums. A connecting piece attaches to the root and also to a crown, which is what fills in the missing space just like a natural tooth. Benefits of dental implants While there are multiple ways […]

Tooth Extractions

Dental extractions are used as a last resort. Generally speaking, we try to save a tooth whenever possible because no replacement is as good as your natural teeth. But there are situations where it is just not possible or practical to fix a tooth. In those cases, we can extract the tooth and consider the options […]

Root Canals

When you have an intense toothache, it is natural to assume you will need a root canal. But what is a root canal? A tooth is made up of 3 layers. When you have a cavity in one of the outer two layers, it is fixed with a filling. But when the cavity goes into the […]

Crowns & Bridges

WHAT EXACTLY IS A CROWN AND WHY WOULD ONE BE NEEDED? A crown is a protective cap that goes over a tooth to help strengthen it. The natural tooth is trimmed down to a smaller version of itself to create room for the porcelain crown, which is fitted and bonded onto the tooth. A tooth […]

Dental Fillings

A filling is a dental procedure that repairs a cavity in your tooth. There are 3 ways of knowing if your tooth has a cavity: A tooth cavity is fixed with a filling. The process of having a filling done is as follows: The benefits of a filling are: If you think you may need […]

Pediatric Dentistry

At Nayaug Family Dental, we know how important it is to choose a good dentist for your children. Childhood experiences set the stage for future attitudes towards dental care, so it is our #1 priority to make sure that all children have a good experience. Here are just a few things we do to make […]

Digital X-rays

A common concern about x-rays is radiation exposure and whether you need them. As with all medical procedures, the risk is weighed against the benefits.The low amount of radiation in dental x-rays means that the risks are essentially insignificant, especially with the lower doses of radiation with digital x-rays. The benefits of x-rays is that they allow […]

Dental Cleanings

Keep your Teeth Clean and Healthy There are a few different types of cleanings. The health of your gums determines which one is best for your needs. Routine Cleanings For people who have generally healthy gums or gingivitis. In this type of cleaning, the parts of the teeth above the gumline get cleaned and polished. […]

Emergency Services

When you have a dental emergency, there is nothing else that matters. You need an emergency dentist who can help you feel better. If you are experiencing pain, we will make every effort to see you the day you call. At our dental office in South Glastonbury, CT we provide the treatment that you need […]

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