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Welcome to Nayaug Family Dental

At Nayaug Family Dental, you are treated by the dentist whose name is on the door. Dr. Sidra Yaseen is a dentist in Glastonbury with a hometown practice that has been  serving the community for over forty years.
Our dental office is a welcome change from the fast-paced, impersonal world of corporate dentistry. We are proud to live in the community we serve, caring for patients in Glastonbury, CT, and the surrounding communities. Since taking ownership of the practice in 2020, Dr. Sidra Yaseen has continued our decades-long legacy of old-fashioned, patient-centered treatment. We see patients from age one and up, and we provide a full array of dental services to meet all needs. Our emphasis is on preventive and restorative care to help you achieve and maintain optimal oral health. Our philosophy is that we don’t just care for teeth, we care for people.
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Your Family Is Our Family

Our office team has a great time together, and we consider each other to be family. When you

As a beacon of oral health in Glastonbury, CT, we are Nayaug Dental, your trusted dentist in Glastonbury. For over forty years, we have been the go-to dentist in Glastonbury, providing superior dental services. Under the expert leadership of Dr. Sidra Yaseen, we continue to be the leading dentist in Glastonbury, upholding the values that have made us a cornerstone in the community. Each patient is treated with care and respect at our dentist office in Glastonbury, where we offer a variety of treatments in a stress-free environment. Our dedicated team, your Glastonbury dentist, uses the latest technology to ensure your visits are convenient and your treatments are effective. At Nayaug Dental in Glastonbury, we strive to create a welcoming and supportive dental experience for all.

Glastonbury Dentistry: Understanding Our Dental Practice in Glastonbury

We're thrilled to invite you to understand our dentist practice in Glastonbury, Nayaug Dental, where we've been delivering first-class, patient-focused dental services for over forty years. Our primary focus is on preventive care, as we firmly believe that prevention is better than cure. Our dedicated and experienced Glastonbury dentist team is led by Dr. Sidra Yaseen, who's committed to offering the finest dental experience in Glastonbury.

We offer a broad spectrum of services from routine dental check-ups & cleanings, to more intricate procedures like dental fillings, dental crowns, and bridges at our dentist office in Glastonbury. We also specialize in cosmetic dentistry, helping you achieve that flawless smile you've always desired. We ensure that every procedure is explained in a simple language that you can comprehend, so you're always informed.

Our dentist office in Glastonbury is outfitted with state-of-the-art technology that aids in early diagnosis and effective treatment planning. Whether it's digital dental X-rays for crisper images, or ultrasonic scalers for a more comfortable gum disease treatment, our Glastonbury dentist team has got you covered.

At Nayaug Dental, our Glastonbury dentist team focuses on more than just dental care – we prioritize building strong relationships. We provide personalized care and treat you with the utmost care and respect. Come and experience the exceptional care at Nayaug Dental in Glastonbury!

The Patient-focused Approach at Our Dental Clinic at Glastonbury

At our dentist clinic in Glastonbury, we prioritize a patient-focused approach, treating each individual with utmost care. Our goal is to create a welcoming environment while delivering excellent dental care. We believe everyone deserves a healthy, beautiful smile and are dedicated to helping you achieve that at our Glastonbury clinic.

To ensure the highest level of patient comfort in our Glastonbury clinic, we:

  • Use the latest technology for accurate diagnoses and efficient treatments.
  • Create a calming, friendly environment to alleviate any dental anxieties.
  • Offer flexible scheduling to cater to your hectic lifestyle in Glastonbury.
  • Possess a dedicated, empathetic team in Glastonbury that listens and responds to your needs.
  • Take the time to explain procedures, so you're informed about your dental health.

Our top priority is your well-being as we offer comprehensive dental care in Glastonbury. From routine cleanups to complex procedures, our dedicated team stays updated with the latest research to provide the best possible care. At our Glastonbury clinic, we value you as more than just a patient – you're an important part of our practice. Trust us to guide you towards a healthier, brighter smile. Your dental health is in good hands with us in Glastonbury.

Testimonials and Positive Experiences From Glastonbury Dentists

While we're always overjoyed to receive radiant testimonials from our patients in Glastonbury, it's when they share stories of how our dental services have positively transformed their lives that we feel genuinely gratified. We've heard from Glastonbury patients who've conquered their fear of the dentist, thanks to our compassionate approach and dedication to patient comfort. Our use of advanced technology, like digital x-rays and handheld intraoral cameras, at our dental clinic in Glastonbury has made dental check-ups less daunting and more enlightening.

One standout story we've received was from a Glastonbury patient who had been battling with severe tooth pain. As a dentist in Glastonbury, we identified the problem, elucidated the necessary root canal procedure in comprehensible terms, and executed it efficiently. Her relief afterwards, and her renewed ability to enjoy food, brought us immense satisfaction.

In another instance, a Glastonbury patient expressed gratitude for our patient-centric approach when fitting her with full & partial dentures. As her dentist in Glastonbury, we invested time to ensure a perfect fit, and the transformation in her smile boosted her confidence dramatically. These stories from our Glastonbury patients remind us why we're in this profession – to serve and make a positive difference in the lives of those we treat.

What Makes Our Dental Practice Stand Out

At our dental practice in Glastonbury, we go above and beyond to provide exceptional dental care that sets us apart. We prioritize creating a close-knit community where our patients receive personalized attention and genuine concern for their dental health.

Why should you choose our dentist in Glastonbury? Let's delve into what makes our Glastonbury dental practice unique:

  • Our practice is owner-operated, meaning in Glastonbury, you'll always meet with the same dentist, ensuring continuity of care.
  • Our conservative treatment planning approach in our Glastonbury practice allows us to consider your unique needs and preferences without pressuring you into unnecessary procedures.
  • Our state-of-the-art equipment and continuous upgrading of our skills ensure we provide the best modern dental care in Glastonbury.
  • We offer a comprehensive range of services in Glastonbury, from routine cleanings and check-ups to complex procedures, all under one roof.
  • Last but not least, in our Glastonbury practice, we create an atmosphere of trust and comfort, which helps alleviate any dental anxiety you might have.

We're extremely proud of the relationships we've cultivated with our patients over the years at our Glastonbury dental practice. We firmly believe in the power of a healthy, confident smile, and we're committed to helping you achieve it right here in Glastonbury.

Wide Range of Dental Services We Offer in Our Glastonbury Dentistry

At our dentist in Glastonbury, we offer more than 20 different dental services, making us a one-stop solution for all your dental needs. We take pride in meeting a wide variety of patient needs, from routine cleanings to complex procedures. Our main goal at our Glastonbury dental practice is to provide comprehensive, high-quality care that prioritizes your oral health and comfort.

Our services at our Glastonbury dental office include preventative care, cosmetic treatments, and restorative procedures. No matter if you need a simple check-up or a more complex treatment like root canal therapy or dental implants, our dentist in Glastonbury is equipped to handle it. We also offer orthodontic solutions to straighten teeth and correct bites.

We understand at our Glastonbury dentist that dental procedures can be intimidating, so we strive to explain every step of the process in an easy-to-understand manner. Our Glastonbury dental team stays up-to-date with the latest research and technology to ensure you're getting the best care possible.

Service Type Examples
Preventative Care Routine Cleanings, Dental Exams
Cosmetic Treatments Teeth Whitening, Veneers
Restorative Procedures Fillings, Dental Crowns & Bridges

Making Your Dental Visits Convenient in our Glastonbury Dentists Office

Ensuring your dental visits in Glastonbury are convenient is our top priority. As your trusted Glastonbury dentist, we have implemented several measures to ensure every single one of your visits is as smooth and hassle-free as possible. We understand the value of your time, especially when juggling work, personal commitments, and other responsibilities in Glastonbury.

To make your dental experience in Glastonbury seamless, we've implemented the following:

  • Streamlined Scheduling: As a leading dentist in Glastonbury, we offer online booking and an after-hours answering service to cater to your busy Glastonbury schedule.
  • Group Appointments: Our Glastonbury dental office offers the convenience of accommodating multiple individuals at once, saving you from making multiple trips.
  • Electronic Records: In our Glastonbury dental practice, we've moved to a digital system, eliminating the hassle of paperwork.
  • Emergency Dental Care: As your reliable dentist in Glastonbury, we're there for you when unexpected dental issues arise, ensuring you get the care you need.
  • Flexible Payment Options: We accept most major insurance plans and offer in-house financing options at our Glastonbury dental clinic.

As your dedicated Glastonbury dentist, we're committed to making your dental care not only effective but also convenient and stress-free. We believe that taking care of your teeth in Glastonbury shouldn't be a chore or an added stressor in your life. We're here to make it easy, ensuring you always have a reason to smile when you think of your dentist in Glastonbury.

Exploring Payment and Financing Options in Our Glastonbury Dentistry

Let's delve into the topic of payment and financing options at our dentist clinic in Glastonbury. We're focusing on both insurance and out-of-pocket expenses, exploring how we can make these work best for our patients. We understand the importance of affordability in dental care, especially here in Glastonbury. Our goal is to provide top-notch dental services without causing financial strain.

Our Glastonbury dental clinic accepts most major insurance plans and is in-network with United Health Care and Connecticare. However, even if we're out-of-network for your provider, you'll find that benefits are similar to in-network. Additionally, at our dentist office in Glastonbury, we handle insurance coordination, making the process seamless for you.

For those without insurance in Glastonbury, we've developed an Office Membership Plan at our dentist clinic. This covers preventive treatments twice a year, with a 10% discount on all other services. We also provide no-interest payment options to ease the financial burden.

Insurance Payments Out-of-Pocket Payments
In-network benefits at our Glastonbury clinic In Office Membership Plan in Glastonbury
Out-of-network benefits Preventive treatments covered at our Glastonbury office
Insurance coordination by our Glastonbury office 10% discount on all other services
No copay for exams, x-rays, cleanings at our Glastonbury clinic No-interest payment options in Glastonbury

Benefits of Our Membership Plan in Our Dentistry in Glastonbury

With our membership plan at our dentist office in Glastonbury, you'll receive two preventive treatments annually. This plan gives you a significant edge in maintaining optimum dental health. Furthermore, our dentist in Glastonbury offers a 10% discount on all other services. We strive to provide the best care to everyone, whether insured or not.

We understand that dental treatments can sometimes be daunting and confusing. Our Glastonbury dentist makes sure to explain every procedure in easy-to-understand language, keeping you informed and at ease.

Here's what you can expect from our dentist in Glastonbury:

  • Compassionate care from our experienced team, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Personalized treatment plans, tailored to your specific needs by our dentist in Glastonbury.
  • Access to the latest dental technology in Glastonbury, ensuring accurate diagnosis and treatment.
  • A commitment to preventive care by our dentist in Glastonbury, helping you avoid serious dental issues down the line.
  • Transparency in cost and treatment, giving you full control over your dental health.

Our dentist in Glastonbury is not just about fixing teeth; we're about building relationships based on trust and respect. So, come join us in Glastonbury and let's work together towards achieving your brightest smile.

Utilizing Advanced Dental Technology in our Dentistry

At Nayaug Dental, your dentist in Glastonbury, we're enhancing our services by incorporating advanced dental technology to deliver superior patient care. As your trusted Glastonbury dentist, we understand the importance of keeping abreast of the latest technological advancements to ensure we're offering top-notch service. Our goal is to offer treatments that are not only highly effective but also comfortable and efficient.

In our Glastonbury dental practice, we're utilizing digital x-rays that provide sharper images and significantly reduce radiation exposure. Additionally, our cutting-edge handheld intraoral cameras empower us, as your Glastonbury dental team, to capture detailed images of your teeth, facilitating early diagnosis and accurate treatment planning. For our patients dealing with gum disease, our ultrasonic scalers offer a quicker and more comfortable treatment.

As your dentist in Glastonbury, we firmly believe that integrating technology into our practice is an investment in our patients' health. We're dedicated to ensuring your visits are more streamlined, your treatments more effective, and your recovery time shorter.

Advanced Technology Benefit
Digital X-Rays Sharper images, less radiation
Intraoral Cameras Early diagnosis, accurate treatment
Ultrasonic Scalers Faster, comfortable gum disease treatment

Step-by-step Guide to Scheduling an Appointment for your Dental Treatments

After delving into the advanced dental technology we utilize at our Glastonbury dental clinic, we're now transitioning to a step-by-step guide to scheduling an appointment with a dentist in Glastonbury, and it's even simpler than you might imagine. We understand that a visit to the dentist in Glastonbury can sometimes feel intimidating, but we're devoted to making the process as effortless and convenient as possible.

Here are the steps to schedule an appointment with a dentist at Nayaug Dental in Glastonbury:

  • First, you can either ring us directly or schedule your appointment with a Glastonbury dentist online using our round-the-clock appointment booking system.
  • Subsequently, you'll receive a confirmation email or call from our amiable Glastonbury staff, who will also address any inquiries you might have.
  • When it's time for your appointment with the dentist in Glastonbury, simply make your way to our office located at 875 Main St, South Glastonbury, CT.
  • After your appointment with the dentist, we at Glastonbury's Nayaug Dental will follow up with you to ensure your experience was positive and to discuss any additional treatment if required.
  • Besides, we offer an after-hours answering service for any scheduling complications, ensuring you can always get in touch with us in Glastonbury.

At Nayaug Dental in Glastonbury, we're committed to providing a seamless and stress-free experience from the moment you book your appointment until you leave our Glastonbury office with a healthier, brighter smile.

Frequently Asked Questions by our Dental Patients

Glastonbury Dentistry FAQ 1: How Much Experience Does Dr. Sidra Yaseen Have in the Dental Field?

We're excited to highlight that Dr. Sidra Yaseen, a renowned dentist in Glastonbury, has gathered an impressive amount of experience in the dental field. Following her degree, she completed a residency and practiced in Philadelphia. Dr. Yaseen, our lead dentist in Glastonbury, has been serving the community since 2020. Her commitment as a dentist in Glastonbury continues to enhance her expertise in dentistry.

Glastonbury Dentistry FAQ 2: What Measures Does Nayaug Dental Take to Ensure the Safety and Hygiene of Its Patients During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

At Nayaug Dental in Glastonbury, we're wholeheartedly committed to the safety of our patients during this pandemic. Our Glastonbury-based dentists have increased sanitization procedures, enforce social distancing, and regularly use PPE in our Glastonbury clinic. Following the CDC guidelines, our dentist team in Glastonbury ensures a safe and clean environment for everyone.

Glastonbury Dentistry FAQ 3: Are There Any Specific Dental Services or Treatments That Nayaug Dental Specializes In?

At Nayaug Dental, your trusted dentist in Glastonbury, we're proud to offer a wide range of specialized services. Our areas of expertise lie in preventive treatment, restorative dentistry, and cosmetic procedures. As your go-to dentist in Glastonbury, we ensure personalized care in every service we offer, from simple cleanings to complex dental procedures. Trust us, your Glastonbury dentist, to keep your smile bright and healthy.

Glastonbury Dentistry FAQ 4: Does Nayaug Dental Offer Any Services or Amenities to Help Patients With Dental Anxiety?

We understand that dental anxiety is common, especially when visiting a dentist in Glastonbury. At Nayaug Dental, we offer a welcoming, low-pressure environment to make your visit to our Glastonbury dentist as comfortable as possible. We explain procedures thoroughly, and our Glastonbury dentist uses the latest technology for comfortable treatments. Our goal is to make every patient's experience with our dentist in Glastonbury stress-free.

Glastonbury Dentistry FAQ 5: Can Dr. Sidra Yaseen Accommodate Patients With Special Needs or Disabilities?

We're committed to providing dental care for all patients at our dentist office in Glastonbury. Dr. Yaseen, a highly skilled dentist in Glastonbury, along with our team, make necessary accommodations for patients with special needs or disabilities. We ensure that they receive comfortable and effective treatment in Glastonbury. Our Glastonbury-based dentist, Dr. Sidra Yaseen, is dedicated to creating a welcoming environment for all.

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to our practice, we want you to feel like a part of that family, too! We treat each patient as we would our own loved ones.
Dr. Yaseen believes in conservative treatment planning and in giving
patients plenty of options in a low-pressure environment. We want you to feel relaxed and confident that you are truly receiving the best possible care.
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What People Are Saying About Us

Recent Patient Reviews & Testimonials

Why Choose Nayaug Family Dental?

Owner operated Glastonbury dentistry

Pride of ownership

Our practice is owner operated, not run by a faceless corporation. Some of our patients have been coming here for over 40 years, and some of our staff have been here for over 20 years. We live and work in this community and care about what happens inside and outside of our practice.
dental care by our glastonbury dentist

Continuity of care

You will always see the same doctor and will build a long term relationship with the doctor and her team. This will allow for consistent dental care over time.

Personalized dentistry at Glastonbury

Personalized care

We provide the old-fashioned, small-town approach to customer service – we know you and your family, and we go above and beyond to take care of you.
Conservative dental treatment

Conservative treatment planning

We offer you options to keep your teeth and gums healthy but there is no salesmanship here. We do not try to upsell you into veneers or whitening or any unnecessary treatment.
Quality dentistry materials in our Glastonbury dental office


We use the best materials available on the market and only use American labs to fabricate our crowns and dentures. We take our time and pay attention to detail to ensure that every procedure is done to the highest standard so that it lasts for you. We stand behind the quality of our work.
Flexible dental appointment


We offer early morning and evening appointments, and with two hygienists on our team, you can schedule the whole family at the same time, reducing the need for multiple visits.

Complete Dentistry for All Ages

Our full spectrum of services includes

I Need an Exam and Cleaning

I Need an Exam and Cleaning – New patient appointments include a full set of x-rays, a gum exam, a tooth exam, and a cleaning by one of our two wonderful hygienists.
Kids dentistry at our cleaning

My Child Needs an Exam and Cleaning

My Child Needs an Exam and Cleaning – Children need dental visits within 6 months of their first tooth erupting or by age 1. We see children of all ages and provide them with a pleasant and age-appropriate visit. They are sent home with a prize for their effort, along with a new toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. These early visits are crucial to developing lifelong healthy smiles.

I Have a Cavity or Broken Tooth

I Have a Cavity or Broken Tooth – Cavities and broken teeth are most commonly addressed with either a filling or a crown. A filling is for smaller cavities, and a crown is needed for more damaged teeth and can help relieve the pain of a broken or cracked tooth.
Gum desease treatment

I Have Gingivitis or Gum Disease

I Have Gingivitis or Gum Disease – A thorough gum exam will reveal whether you have healthy gums, gingivitis, or periodontitis (gum disease). The treatment for healthy gums and gingivitis is a cleaning, while periodontitis is a condition that requires a deep cleaning.
Missing teeth replacement

I Need to Replace Missing Teeth

I Need to Replace Missing Teeth – We will discuss with you what an implant, bridge, partial or denture is, and help you determine which one is the best option for you to restore function, aesthetics, and confidence, improving oral health and quality of life.
Teeth extractions

I Need a Tooth Removed

I Need a Tooth Removed – If you have a broken or badly infected tooth, we can safely and effectively remove it for you, and discuss your options to replace it.
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Making Dental Care Convenient

We know that today’s busy families are always on the go. That’s why we want dental visits to be as easy as possible. In addition to being able to see multiple family members at once, we offer electronic records so that you can fill out your paperwork whenever and wherever it is convenient for you, minimizing the time you have to spend in the office. Patients can also pay and book appointments online 24/7.

If you have scheduling issues, our after hours answering service is available to help. These hours are:
Monday-Friday 7AM-10PM
Saturday 8AM-8PM
We also offer emergency treatment to new and established patients. To contact us,
patients can calltext, or email anytime.
Convenient Dental Care in Glastonbury

Payment and Financing Options

We accept most major insurance plans. We are in-network with United Health Care and Connecticare. While we are not in network with other plans, most dental plans offer out of network benefits that are similar to their in network benefits. The vast majority of our patients have insurance that they are able to use here seamlessly. We will handle all aspects of insurance coordination for you, from pre-treatment estimates to filing of claims. Your exams, x-rays, and cleanings will still have no copay. If you provide us with your insurance information prior to your appointment, we will be happy to submit a pre-treatment estimate so that you will know ahead of time what your copay will be for any treatment.

We also offer no-interest payment options. For our patients without insurance, we have a membership plan, which covers preventive treatment twice a year and includes 10% off of all other services.

dentist-that-accept-aetna-992x393-1-450x178dentist that accept beamdentist that accept cignadelta dental accepted at our dentistryconnecticare accepted at our dentistry
Guardian accepted at our dentistrymetlife accepted at our dentistrysunlife accepted at our dentistryunited health care accepted at our dentistry

We don’t accept

we do not accept husky health at our dental officeHMO Insurance not accepted at our dental office


If you do not have insurance, you can take advantage of our office Membership Plan to stay up to date with your dental care.

For a flat yearly fee, you get

dental exams at our Glastonbury dentistry

2 Exams
Per Year

Dental cleaning at our Glastonbury dentistry office

2 Cleanings
Per Year

Dental X-rays Glastonbury


Affordable Glastonbury Dentist

10% Discount
On All Treatment

No annual maximum
No exclusions
No waiting periods
No deductibles
No frequency limitations
No downgrades/alternate benefits
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Layer 26
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Layer 26
Layer 26
Dental Insurance
Layer 24
Layer 24
Layer 24
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Advanced technology used by Glastonbury dentist

Our Technology

Whatever treatment you need, our technology will make everything more efficient and accurate. We proudly utilize digital x-rays, which yield sharper images than film x-rays. They also involve significantly less radiation exposure.

Dr. Yaseen also uses small, handheld intraoral cameras. These tools can take closeup images of your teeth, which will appear on a treatment room monitor. With intraoral cameras, your dentist can make early diagnoses and more accurate treatment
recommendations. Equally important, you can see the images in real time so that
you can be an informed, confident participant in your care.

If you suffer from advanced gum disease, our ultrasonic scalers can make your
treatment much faster and more comfortable. These tools use high-power sound
waves to blast away bacteria from your gums and tooth roots. At the same time, they minimize discomfort and recovery time.

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Come join our office family! Contact us via our website or call us at (860) 633-6167.  We treat patients from Glastonbury, Middletown, Portland, Wethersfield, Rocky Hill, and other area communities.
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