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Hours Of Operation

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In Office Membership Plan

Our goal

Our goal with the membership plan is to keep people up to date with their preventative care, and to not put off regular visits due to finances.

The plan is valid for one year from the date of purchase. With it you will receive

  • 2 exams
  • 2 cleanings
  • Unlimited x-rays
  • 10% off any treatment


Unlike traditional insurance, the membership plan does NOT have:

  • A waiting period before benefits kick in
  • Limits to the types of services covered
  • A maximum annual amount of benefits you can receive
  • A deductible that must be paid before any benefits kick in

The fine print of the plan:

  • It is nonrefundable
  • For the discount to apply to any multi-visit procedures, the plan must be in effect for the entire duration of treatment
  • If you need a deep cleaning, you will receive the 10% discount for the deep cleaning and 2 maintenance cleanings per year will be included in the plan