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Dental extractions are used as a last resort. Generally speaking, we try to save a tooth whenever possible because no replacement is as good as your natural teeth. But there are situations where it is just not possible or practical to fix a tooth. In those cases, we can extract the tooth and consider the options for replacing a missing tooth.  

Extractions for adults may be necessary in the following situations:

  • A cavity that is too big or deep to fix
  • A cavity or infection that could be treated with a root canal but you do not wish to get a root canal.
  • Advanced gum disease causing mobility in a tooth
  • A tooth is broken well below the gums


Baby teeth can also sometimes need extractions. The most common causes for baby teeth extractions are:

  • A cavity that hurts on a baby tooth that is almost ready to fall out. We want to get your child comfortable by taking care of the cavity, but if the tooth is almost ready to come out anyways, it may be better to remove it instead of to fill it.
  • A cavity that is too big to be treated with a baby root canal.
  • An infected baby tooth
  • The baby tooth is blocking the permanent tooth from coming out in the proper position.

Your Comfort is Our Priority

Regardless of which tooth needs to be pulled or why, we make sure that if you need an extraction, it is done comfortably while you are profoundly numb. You will be given thorough post op instructions so you know how to take care of the area and manage any discomfort, and the doctor is always available after hours to take your calls about any concerns you have in the evening.

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